Helping Our Community to Flourish


The first Australian city to embrace a comprehensive mental health service model across multiple levels of intervention, promotion, prevention, low intensity high reach interventions, services for mild to moderate clinical need and highly specialised services.


Whilst acknowledging the existing service providers and their contribution overall, the project aims to integrate and coordinate as an overarching entity that can easily be marketed and delivered to the Townsville population. Through a unified front the project will support helping healthy individuals become even more resilient, providing early intervention when mental health challenges begin, integrating levels of clinical services and holistic aftercare; clinical, housing, meaningful engagement in employment, education and community life.

Objectives - Phase 1

At the end of the establishment phase the following objectives will be achieved:

  • Townsville will become the first Australian city to embrace a broader understanding of healthy
    minds being as important as healthy bodies.
  • Townsville will lead the way in a national stigma reduction campaign with a well designed and
    implemented local approach to de-stigmatising mental health illness.
  • The development of mental health resilience will be a high priority for the city agenda in
    supporting healthy children, adolescents and adults.
  • Townsville will be well on the way to having developed and established the most integrated
    mental health service sector in Australia.