Helping Our Community to Flourish

Our Timeline

  • Stakeholder Engagement Program

  • Marketing and Media

  • Governance and Delivery Development

  • Project is fully embedded

  • Evaluation of Establishment Phase applied

  • Long Term MHC programs exist

  • Expanded reach of project outcomes


Through ongoing strategic collaborations we will:

  • Deliver integrated communications and marketing campaigns to educate and raise awareness of the mental health continuum

  • Develop and engage the community through innovative events to promote mental wellness
  • Support Townsville based mental health service providers, through the development of a web platform and resources
  • Assist in the rollout of national campaigns, to support businesses, schools, community organisations and individuals
  • Develop a Townsville specific stigma reduction campaign for mental health
  • Develop and promote a Townsville-centric Wheel of Wellbeing program
  • Promote the integration and networking of existing services to assist individuals and health professionals in navigating the mental health service sector.