Helping Our Community to Flourish

What is a Mentally Healthy City?

A mentally healthy city addresses mental health as a comprehensive, whole of life, health and well-being agenda involving individual citizens and the support of the broader community.

It is a city that understands and supports the availability and ease of access of mental health services based on a stepped care approach comprising of a hierarchy of interventions, from least to the most intensive according to an individual’s needs.

It aims to establish a community culture of support in a positive community environment and stigma reduction.

Why Townsville?

Townsville, like other similar locations across Australia has a rising mental health issue within the community. The people of Townsville to date have been vocal about the importance of supporting their fellow residents from a range of different cultures and backgrounds. Townsville has a strong community ethic based on sporting and cultural investment by the population and takes pride in coming together to face challenges head on. This is a group who can lead the way for social and cultural change and improve the understanding and importance of positive mental health and reduce the stigma that surrounds.

What is the Mentally Healthy City project?

The Mentally Healthy City (MHC) project aims to help the people of Townsville flourish and thrive as a community by heightening the focus on mental wellness and through assisting individuals and organisations to better support those people who from time to time may be mentally unwell. Townsville has many clinical services on offer, however it is not enough to address just intervention to mental illness without informed prevention.

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Mentally Healthy City Townsville Information Brochure

Mentally Healthy City Townsville Information Brochure