Helping Our Community to Flourish

What is a Mentally Healthy City?

A mentally healthy city addresses mental health as a comprehensive, whole of life, health and well-being agenda involving individual citizens and the support of the broader community.

  • It is a city that understands and utilizes the concept of a mental health continuum whereby individuals learn how to look after themselves or others that may be experiencing mental health conditions.
  • It is a city that understands and supports the availability and ease of access of mental health services based on a stepped care approach.
  • It is a city that has increasing capacity to assist individuals in achieving their best mental health as well as greater ability to support and guide when required.
  • It aims to establish a community culture where mental health is destigmatized and supported in a positive community environment.

Why Townsville?

Townsville is the largest urban centre north of the Sunshine Coast. Townsville hosts a large number of governmental, community and major business offices servicing North Queensland. It has a younger population than the Australia and Queensland averages. It has a broad education base with over 60 schools, two universities, and a number of vocational education centres. It has a strong community ethic based on sporting and cultural investment by the population. It has high quality infrastructure in the health, education and transport sectors. Over the last few years Townsville has undergone a downturn in the economy due to the closure of several mines and related industries. It faces a number of unique challenges that require solutions urgently.