Helping Our Community to Flourish

Louise Vella-Cox

A coordinated approach to improving brain health is key to growing a mentally healthy city.

Louise Vella-Cox is the Director of Catholic Identity and Indigenous Education Services in the Townsville Catholic Education system having spent over thirty years in school and system leadership and teaching roles in schools in North Queensland. Louise is a keen educator who enjoys the challenges of forming teachers to become competent and confident in their vocation so that they may make a difference in the lives of others, particularly young people. She has attained degrees in Education, Theology and Japanese and is a member of a number of boards, committees and councils committed to transformational change. She joined the Tropical Brain and Mind Foundation Board in 2020 after spending some time on the TBMF Steering Committee and is committed to increasing and improving awareness around brain health. Louise is a Fellow of the Australian Council of Education Leaders (FACEL).