Helping Our Community to Flourish

Lee has been an educator for 21 years working in various roles at Pimlico State High School. She has a passion for life-long learning and supporting the wellbeing of young people, as well as those working with young people. 

Currently a Head of Department for Student Development, Lee is a part of a leadership team seeking to enhance wellbeing practices in education so that young people and those around them, can thrive and flourish.

Growing up in Mackay, Lee finished high school and studied at Central Queensland University in Rockhampton. She gained a Bachelor of Human Movement Science and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary). Lee began teaching in Mackay in the year 2000 and then moved to Townsville in 2001 where she has been teaching and supporting the wellbeing of young people ever since. After completing a course created by Professor Laurie Santos, Yale University, on the Science of Wellbeing last year, Lee has enrolled this year in a Graduate Diploma of Psychology at James Cook University. Lee is passionate about education and enhancing the knowledge of strategies that support brain health and nervous system function so that people have the tools to enhance the protective factors that will help them flourish in their lives, ultimately building a thriving community for all.