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Tropical Brain and Mind

Research Foundation

For communities to flourish, individuals must also flourish which requires healthy minds and bodies.

Populations in the tropical regions of Australia are the subject of major stress, trauma and other diseases of the brain and mind. These range from children suffering from various forms of abuse and neglect which can lead to serious physical and mental health issues, to veterans returning from deployment to war zones with post-traumatic stress disorders.

Such conditions are the focus for the work of the Tropical Brain and Mind Research Foundation.

The Tropical Brain and Mind Research Foundation has been established to encourage and support research projects that aim to ameliorate the effects of brain and mind disorders. We are proud to announce the first project underway is the Bishop Michael Putney Fellowship sponsored by the Townsville Emerging Leaders Group led by Eleni Millios-Hullick: Brent Tate, Jacqui Gillespie, Lisa Banks, Alex Whitehead, and Ashley Finn.

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